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Case Study: Four Seasons Hotel in Yorkville (Toronto) Ontario Canada

This particular project is TRULY one that we continue to take great pride in, and not just because it placed our work in one of the top high end hotels in this great city (although, we’re obviously cool with this part too). The real gratification from completing this project runs much deeper. We love a job that challenges us and allows us to do what we do best: Roll up our sleeves and produce not just products, but SOLUTIONS. We also love the opportunity to do something that we haven’t done before (a tall order when you’ve been in the business as long as we have, and have pretty much seen and done it all!) Well, the Four Seasons Yorkville delivered on both counts.

This project had us outfitting 212 rooms with some highly custom components that we not only manufactured, but helped to develop and engineer in an intensely collaborative effort with the client, designer and other manufacturers. The designers specifications called for extremely particular solutions in order to achieve the desired aesthetic and functionality - And we were up to the task!

Here is a rundown of the components we helped to design and fabricate for this project:

1. Metal frames for wood paneling, in satin pewter finish - The majority of the ceiling heights in each of the 212 rooms were different, varying as little as a quarter inch to several inches in difference. Each custom designed wall mounted unit consisted of a wood panel framed in our custom metal frame (the perfect design solution, by the way, to help reduce wear and tear and prolong product longevity), and the project designer insisted that they all fit perfectly to ceiling height in every room in order to achieve the desired aesthetic. For us, this meant seriously flexing our specialty for attention to detail and job micro-management. With 212 units being made and with only a handful of those units being the same size while the majority was being produced to minutely varying dimensions, suffice to say we had to be ON our game.

2. Metal frames for custom made glass mini bar door, in satin pewter finish - This portion of the job had us working with the glass folks to develop the ideal design and method to get our metal frame around their custom glass doors

3. 2 custom designed legs and wire management grommets for the desks in each room, in satin pewter finish.

4. Custom metal display cases used for high end retail displays in the main hotel lobby and placement throughout the hotel, in black chrome finish - These units were “jewelry pieces” as we like to call them. And not because they were housing jewelry! No, we call these types of products by this pet name when the products themselves ARE the jewelry… When they are getting priority placement and exposure in a high traffic area of an exclusive, high end type environment and nothing less than perfection will do. We pride ourselves on quality with every single item we make. But a jewelry piece demands next-level attention to every single detail, and our master tradesmen actually get excited to blow clients away with what we can do!

5. Table frames for tables used in the now infamous hotel spa, in black chrome finish - Again, the standard was set so high for these units and we exceeded expectations with our products.

When all was said and done, we felt an enormous sense of pride for our contribution at such a critical level to this massively successful project. The end result was a happy client and STUNNING spaces throughout this hotel. #WINNING

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