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Back to Business!

Just a quick update... After a one month plant shutdown for COVID, Soren Holm Incorporated's manufacturing facility is back up in full production. Our front end remained in operation throughout the hiatus (thanks to all our team members for their dedication from home!) but, maaaan are we happy and relieved to be back to business as usual in the shop. Well... Sort of business as usual, give or take about a hundred new social distancing, mask and glove wearing and hand sanitizing policies. But we are all WORKING and PRODUCING for you again and that's what matters most!

(Side note: It is actually alarming how much you can miss the smell of metal dust when you're accustomed to being around it for 31 years and suddenly, you're not #thingsthatmakeyougohmm)

To our clients that kept sending their RFQ's, kept sending their orders and just picked up the phone/shot us an email to check in on the whole SHI family throughout our shutdown... We send our heartfelt thanks - For continuing to support our business in even the craziest times and for caring about us just as much as we care about all of you. We are way humbled and grateful.

Ok, so that's that. Got the word out, now it's back to the grind! (and saw, and drill press and welding and polishing etc...)

Cheers Everyone! (Except YOU Covid! You can please just buggar off at this point thankyouverymuch.

The SHI Team



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